[Marxism] Mike Alewitz on Bernie Sanders

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Sun Feb 7 01:57:17 MST 2016

Manuel Barrera  writes: "Heatwaves rising from the desert always seem
like an oasis.'

..only if you think that the Sanders phenomenon has no cause  in real
angst and suffering. It is a symptom of the everyday experience of
millions  -- most of whom would not be able to make the transition, on
their own, to  relating to another alternative left voice.
If Sanders had remained an 'independent' -- of course that may indeed
be a different challenge with an easier tactical passage.

But inside the DEMs...!?

That's your problem, stateside.

But that Sanders poses as a socialist and projects a sort of crude and
erratic  class divide  -- in the context of the US Presidential  Game
Show :  that has to be very significant.
That has to be a plus because, despite what ever his preferences,
Sanders unleashes and inspires forces  that may later find him,and his
party allegiance, wanting.

What happens 'if'/when he backs Clinton?  Where does that momentum and
frustration go?

It won't default to a bunch of wannabe 'we-told-you-so' outfits who
did not go through the Sanders experience with them.

It will instead  be demoralised.

And the promise fades because the 'real' socialists  could not harness it.

dave riley

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