[Marxism] How the Red Scare destroyed a small-town teacher (Boston Globe)

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How the Red Scare destroyed a small-town teacher
Anne Hale's life in Wayland fell to pieces in the 1950s when informants reported her to the FBI for disloyalty to country.
FOR ANNE HALE, the sight of 700 of her neighbors packed shoulder to shoulder in the Wayland High School auditorium must have felt overwhelming. As the middle-aged second-grade teacher sat in front of the crowd, facing her judges and jury on the School Committee, the long odds against her that June evening in 1954 - at the height of McCarthyism -would have come into sharp relief.

Hale could have avoided this public spectacle and quietly resigned from the job she'd held for six years in a profession she'd loved for decades. Instead, she chose to take a public stand. In a letter addressed to the parents of her students, she had declared, "I think it will do less harm to the children to see me standing up for what I believe to be true, than to see me run away." Anne Hale was about to find out if the town of Wayland agreed with that conclusion.



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