[Marxism] My answer to the Barnesite rightwing drift!

Anthony Brain brainanthony816 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 7 17:47:25 MST 2016

 Is this the advance party of some of the Barnesites going over to the extreme right wing populists? Pat told me around 20 years that Barnes father was in the Republican Party. He cannot remember who told him this! I suspect it was Tony Roberts who told him this. Roberts heard some of the gossip around the SWP leadership by going to one of their conventions in 1973. The Trotskyist wing would not have told Roberts this because at that stage they did not want to undermine Barnes. He found this out by hearing the gossip around the middle class circles which surrounded the rising Barnes leadership. 

I just want to take up two outrageous statements. There is a favourable implication emphsaing the worse right wing union bureaucrats within SEIU who are backing Trump! Trotsky argued that when reaction grows with the rise of populism and fascism that reactionary ideas come into the working class via the middle class; lumpen proletariat; and aristocracy of labour! Trotsky noticed how many factory workers in Germany were influenced by the Nazi party during the early 1930s. Racism and xenophobia is the politics of despair. The middle class carries this into sizeable elements of the working class.

Some of the Barnesites argue Trump is no racist. American Trotskyist George Brietman argued racism could not be an effective tool by the capitalists to divide the working class if racist ideas were not strong. Pat has known Jonathan Silberman since 1968. He cannot believe how far he has degenerated. Silberman makes the methodlogical mistake of the Barneistes in not seeing a large layer of UKIP are influenced by xenophobic ideas. He denies this. Behind Silberman's ultra-leftist guise of ignoring the differences between the Labour Party' Tories; and UKIP is a major move to the right of not fighting the right wing ideas of the Tories and UKIP. 

There are even large layers of backward workers who are going through profound experiences with the Tory party and beginning to go into struggle. It is dialectically ironic that they understand the difference between the Tory and Labour Party better than a leading cadre who has been around 47 years forgets everything he has learned. What's happening to the Barneistes is a layer of the older middle class are going through major social and psychological crises as individuals. The Barnesistes are like most of the Shactmanites were too right wing on Vietnam because they supported American Imperialist intervention into Vietnam to intervene into the middle class radicalisation in the mid to late 1960s, a new generation of middle class layers radicalsing now like the Barneistes did in the 1960s. 

The saviour of humanity maybe some of the Jewish middle class radicalsing. I have just found out yesterday that there is a film coming out called "Trotsky in Vienna",. There is little information about this film, as it has been released just a few days ago. Is this film been made in Hollywood? Is it a warning shot by a layer of the Jewish middle class warning the Capitalists of the price they pay if a layer of Capitalists start working with the fascists. This radicalisation of the Jewish middle class could solve the cadre crisis, finalising the missing ingredient to complete the world revolution. 

The Tory party is finished with millions of workers in terms of influence. UKIP is still a danger if Corbyrn retreats from his reform promises. The main trend within Britain Is a left shift is the radicalisation around Corbyn in the Labour Party. This radicallsation in the Labour Party has boasted the politics of hope with the campagns against austerity and xenophobia. Brittish Trotskyists need to win millions of workers to revolutionary politics who are radicalsing around Corbyn so if he backtrack, that base can be won over. This will guarantee the victory of a Socialist revolution carrying the hopes to a successful conclusion.

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