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Even in the most desolate areas of American cities, evictions used to be 
rare enough to draw crowds. Eviction riots erupted during the 
Depression, though the number of poor families who faced eviction each 
year was a fraction of what it is today. In February, 1932, the Times 
published an account of community resistance to the eviction of three 
families in the Bronx, observing, “Probably because of the cold, the 
crowd numbered only 1,000.”

These days, evictions are too commonplace to attract attention. There 
are sheriff squads whose full-time job is to carry out eviction and 
foreclosure orders. Some moving companies specialize in evictions, their 
crews working all day long, five days a week. Hundreds of data-mining 
companies sell landlords tenant-screening reports that list past 
evictions and court filings. Meanwhile, families have watched their 
incomes stagnate or fall as their housing costs have soared. Today, the 
majority of poor renting families spend more than half their income on 
housing, and millions of Americans are evicted every year. In Milwaukee, 
a city of fewer than a hundred and five thousand renter households, 
landlords legally evict roughly sixteen thousand adults and children 
each year. As the real-estate market has recovered in the wake of the 
foreclosure crisis and the ensuing recession, evictions have only increased.

full: http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2016/02/08/forced-out

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