[Marxism] Amid crisis, Sanders takes aim at 'billionaire class'

Ratbag Media ratbagradio at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 18:18:09 MST 2016

Further on the Bernie business...I reckon this article in the latest
GLW is real smart and keenly nuanced.


Despite his array of progressive policies, Sanders has critics on the
left who disagree with his position on key issues — such as foreign
policy (where Sanders takes a less anti-establishment line than in
other areas), gun control and his handling of racial issues, such as
the Black Lives Matter movement and calls for reparations over

There is also debate among forces to the left of the Democrats about
whether running for the Democrats is a suitable strategy for a
socialist and over the nature and limits of Sanders' “socialism”.

Sanders is definitely not advocating a socialist revolution. His
politics are better understood as broadly social democratic — hoping
to alleviate the ills of capitalism without overthrowing capitalism.
His support for some of the key aspects of the US empire is an example
of that distinction.

But the effect he is having on US politics is profound, and is
creating a powerful pole pulling political discourse — at least as far
as it relates to the Democratic race — to the left.

One of the main criticisms of the Occupy movement was that it failed
to develop a political vehicle to achieve change. It seems much of
that Occupy spirit has found a political expression in Sanders,
although the limits of that home if it remains within the
corporate-controlled Democrats are clearly real.

Sanders' campaign builds on the class-consciousness that Occupy
restarted in US society. Speaking in Iowa, Sanders said: “The American
people are saying no to a rigged economy. They no longer want to see
an economy in which the average American works longer hours for low
wages while almost all new income and wealth is going to the top 1%.”


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