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There was a democratic opposition in the Fall 1947 UN General Assembly resisting the colonialist partition plan. This was "Sub-Committee 2 of the ad hoc Committee on the Palestinian Question" and its analysis and proposals were largely forgotten seen the normative power of the facts. 

This committee explained that the partition plan was not only against the charter of the UN, but would also result in a non viable situation. It proposed three draft resolutions concerning 

1. to call the International Court of Justice to consider the legality of the UNGA discussing such a colonial partition plan; 

2. to solve the problem of the Jewish refugees by the countries concerned, not the small and poor Palestina; 

3. to propose cornerstones of a democratic constitution of a unitary republic Palestine with equal rights for all and nobody to be discriminated by color of the skin, religion, birth, etc. 

In its appendix, the Committee supplied a number of statistics about the demography and economy of post war Palestine. 

In the editors Supplements, you wil find in Supplement 1 a time table of the UN dealing with the Palestine Question in 1947, and the voting record on the various resolutions, all this drawn from the official UN documents. 

In Supplement 2, you will find documents how the warring imperialist parties in the 1st World War tried to dupe Jews for the war in Europe, and Arabs for the British conquest of the "land bridge to India". The chapter from the 1937 Royal Peel Commission Report shows that the main purpose of the Balfour declaration was the situation of the European war in the fall of 1917, with the Russian Revolution going on and threatening to take Russia out of the Entente war coalition. You find also the leaflet which the united Austro-German armies distributed "To the Jews in Poland" - in Yiddish, but in a latin transcript. 

Go to www.mlwerke.de or more directly to http://www.mlwerke.de/NatLib/default.htm 

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