[Marxism] Amid crisis, Sanders takes aim at 'billionaire class'

Ratbag Media ratbagradio at gmail.com
Tue Feb 9 23:47:28 MST 2016

Everything folk are saying about Bernie Sanders is probably very true.
He aint ridgy didge. Of course: this is the Democratic Party.
But that is missing the point -- the tacticial point.
He just won in New Hampshire
...and there is a conversation going on that you/we have to engage
with. Say whatever you like about Sanders (I do) but it behoves us not
to sit on our hands or denigrate from the sidelines.
Formula-by-numbers propaganda does not cut the mustard.
Under the Sanders banner is all those MILLIONS of people you want
to/we want to build a socialist option among...or even (god forbid) a
broad left party.
And i say that not because he is simply a Democrat populist -- but
because he has moved the dialogue a tad outside the constraints of
neoliberalism and austerity.
That he calls himself a 'socialist' -- while a handicap -- is also a
handy and useful plus.
"You want to talk about REAL socialism...!"
What if Sanders had stood as an independent...or for the Green Party?
Done the Camejo/ Nader thing? Even with the same politics? The same
Would he be so much the persona non grata?
And where does the Sanders groundswell go when whatever happens?
Seriously: where?

dave riley

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