[Marxism] new Times revelations

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 11:08:53 MST 2016

I sent the below to a UFPJ list. I'm dreading the replies.

The story linked below is significant IMO for three reasons:
1. Its aim is to reinforce pessimistic sentiments, encouraging
revolutionaries to give up.
2. It confirms the widely circulated story that Kerry told Assad opponents
to STFU about food, water and other basic needs, and that he blamed them
for the talks' breakdown. (Yes, I know, many on this list will respond:
"Kerry is right, how do you expect sieges to be lifted if you don't talk?"
and thus will implicitly blame them for their own death by starvation. To
all of you I say "Shame!")
3. Most significantly, the Times presents, in a tone indicating confidence
that they won't be challenged, what the real global Left has been saying
all along:
"American-backed insurgents have long been used to the American stance in
recent years, that the United States did not want them to actually win the
war — lest a sudden toppling of Mr. Assad lead to Islamist rule — but
wanted to prevent them from losing for long enough to pressure the
government to negotiate for a political solution."


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