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"American-backed insurgents have long been used to the American stance 
recent years, that the United States did not want them to actually win 
war ..."

Orwellianism caught out straight away. "American-backed" rebels that 
America doesn't back.

Article heading: "Syrian opposition groups sense US support fading."

"Fading"? From what? Unlikely to have been a quote. A more likely Syrian 
quote here:

Assad's Partners in Washington - by Karam Nachar
10-02-2016: When John Kerry tells one of my closest friends: "The Syrian 
Opposition will be decimated in three months" he does not say that as an 
analyst, an interlocutor, or a cocktail party guest, he says it as the 
most senior foreign affairs official of the most powerful country in the 
Stop staying the US has "abandoned" us or "betrayed" us. Such words 
assume prior friendship and/or an unfortunate turn in behavior. The 
Obama administration has blocked assistance to the Syrian opposition 
since 2012, allowed the use of chemical weapons against civilians, 
transmitted threats from Russia, and is now happily waiting for our 
I look forward to Obamas end of term in a few months, not because his 
successor will make things better, (what good will that be if hundreds 
of thousands of Aleppines perish until then?) but because I'll probably 
have a better chance to see him after at a public event of sorts, stand 
up and shout:
"You have blood on your hands, Mr. President - what a big fool I was to 
cry of joy at your inauguration on that icy January day, 2008."

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