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Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 07:26:24 MST 2016

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From: Farah Kobaissy <socialistforumlb at gmail.com>
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Subject: Crowdfunding campaign for the Socialist Forum in Lebanon
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2016 15:49:29 +0200

Dear comrades,
I hope my email finds you well,

I am sending you this email in order to ask for your assistance at this
critical time of our organization in Lebanon.

As you know, the Socialist Forum was formed in 2010 after a merger between
two small organisations, one close to the IST and the other close to the

Since then we have been involved in numerous campaigns, and our work has
encompassed solidarity with the Arab revolutions, particularly the Syrian
revolution because of the close ties between the two countries, as well as
solidarity with refugees. We have also been involved in the 2011 campaign
against the sectarian system, solidarity work with labour struggles, as
well as the domestic workers’ movement, among other things.

During last summer a social movement erupted in Lebanon over the garbage
crisis, the movement soon gained momentum reaching tens of thousands of
people protesting against governmental corruption in the capital and
outside of Beirut. We were involved in the movement and we formed a united
front with other student and feminist organizations. During that period, it
became evident to us that our revolutionary message reached far beyond our
own ranks and had a real audience within the movement and beyond. It was
also clear that we needed to strengthen and expand our small organisation
in order to maximise our impact as well as have a stepping stone to build a
revolutionary party.

We are currently experiencing a very exciting period of potential growth,
particularly following our involvement in the summer’s movement. At this
delicate time we felt the urge of opening a center in Beirut which will be
a very important step in building our party. To this end we are
starting a crowdfunding
campaign to cover the costs for a permanent local
1 year’s rent + various one-off expenses (furniture etc). Later the local
would pay for itself (through our own events there or renting it out to
other events)

We would be very grateful if the comrades in the US could support by
the call for crowdfunding among members and friends and contribute
financially to the campaign.

In solidarity,

Farah Kobaissy

Socialist Forum

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