[Marxism] Democracy, the Democratic Party, and superdelegates

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Feb 11 12:59:07 MST 2016

Although I plan to vote for Jill Stein, I sympathize with his supporters 
who are repelled by the underhanded tactics of Hillary Clinton and her 
mouthpieces. Besides the constant barrage of propaganda from the likes 
of Paul Krugman and Thomas Friedman, there are institutional barriers to 
him becoming the DP candidate for president, especially the 
“superdelegates” who are free to vote for Clinton even if she loses a 
primary as was the case with New Hampshire. Despite being in a dead heat 
with Clinton in Iowa (and on the losing side arguably through fraud 
orchestrated by her minions) and having won in New Hampshire, the 
delegate count is 394 delegates for Clinton, both super and earned 
through the ballot and only 42 for Sanders.

The superdelegates for Clinton are a kind of rogue’s gallery for the DP 
(which I suppose is a kind of redundancy.) Like Andrew Cuomo, the CNN 
reporter, and his brother Mario who is the neoliberal dirtbag governor 
of NY state. Historically the superdelegates were a reaction to the 
hiccup of democracy that emerged in the DP during the 1960s 
radicalization. In 1968 the DP convention nominated Hubert Humphrey for 
president even though the delegate count for Robert F. Kennedy was 393.5 
and 258 for Eugene McCarthy. The combined total for the two antiwar 
(sort of, anyhow) candidates was 651.3 while Humphrey had 561.5. With 
Kennedy’s death, the only fair outcome would have been a McCarthy 
nomination but LBJ pulled strings to make Humphrey the nominee.


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