[Marxism] Fwd: Syria: a country in free fall - The Hindu

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Feb 12 07:15:55 MST 2016

(Vijay Prashad believes that "Regime change has left 23 million Syrians 
with no real country." That is what Malcolm X once referred to as 
turning the criminal into the victim. It was Bashar al-Assad's 
determination to destroy the country rather than submit to democratic 
and peaceful change that led to the massive destruction that his article 
decries. As the slogan of Assad's supporters put it, "Either you obey Al 
Assad, or we will burn this land.")

Meanwhile, at the edges of Syria, various powers — the IS being the most 
obvious — are selling off Syrian resources such as oil and antiquities 
to finance their own agenda. It is this fragmentation that has taken on 
the appearance of permanence.

While others talk of division of the country on sectarian or ethnic 
grounds, the centre suggests that the break-up has been precipitated by 
socio-economic factors. The unity of Syria — long a proud part of Arab 
nationalist thought — is no longer inevitable. That unity is not going 
to be compromised by a forced partition towards a peace deal. The 
country has already been fragmented by the war economy. Regime change 
has left 23 million Syrians with no real country. It is being slowly 
wiped off the map.


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