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Apparently by referring to any revolution as regime change, which of course
it is, counter revolution can be supported by so-called Marxists
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> (Vijay Prashad believes that "Regime change has left 23 million Syrians
> with no real country." That is what Malcolm X once referred to as turning
> the criminal into the victim. It was Bashar al-Assad's determination to
> destroy the country rather than submit to democratic and peaceful change
> that led to the massive destruction that his article decries. As the slogan
> of Assad's supporters put it, "Either you obey Al Assad, or we will burn
> this land.")
> Meanwhile, at the edges of Syria, various powers — the IS being the most
> obvious — are selling off Syrian resources such as oil and antiquities to
> finance their own agenda. It is this fragmentation that has taken on the
> appearance of permanence.
> While others talk of division of the country on sectarian or ethnic
> grounds, the centre suggests that the break-up has been precipitated by
> socio-economic factors. The unity of Syria — long a proud part of Arab
> nationalist thought — is no longer inevitable. That unity is not going to
> be compromised by a forced partition towards a peace deal. The country has
> already been fragmented by the war economy. Regime change has left 23
> million Syrians with no real country. It is being slowly wiped off the map.
> http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/op-ed/syria-a-country-in-free-fall/article8219545.ece
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