[Marxism] Robin Yassin-Kassab on Turkey's actions against Assadist positions

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 13 18:38:05 MST 2016

Now here we are. Turkey is shelling Assadist positions in northern Aleppo
and northern Lattakia. (The US is asking it to stop). With the aid of
Turkish artillery, Turkmen Free Army brigades have just recaptured Alia
village in Lattakia. And Turkish artillery has stopped the PYD-Russian
advance on Arab-majority Azaz. It seems a Turkish red line is in fact a red
line. Russia's murderous imperialist onslaught on Turkmen and Arabs in
Syria, and its driving hundreds of thousands more refugees to the borders,
have brought Turkey a step deeper into the conflict. With all my dislike of
the authoritarian and hyper-nationalist aspects of the Turkish state, I
support its current action as an absolutely necessary break with the
disastrous appeasement of Assad, Russia and Iran, and more importantly, as
absolutely necessary for the survival of democratic communities in Idlib
and Aleppo provinces. If European powers have any sense of
self-preservation they will ignore the US and line up with Turkey here.

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