[Marxism] Is the charge that Russia is committing human rights violations in Syria "propaganda"?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Feb 14 14:55:02 MST 2016

Roger Annis, the one-man marching band for the Kremlin, has kept fairly 
mum about Syria but with Russia's intervention you might have expected 
him to beat the drums for it just as night follows day.

Over on his website that is about as outrageous as RT.com, if not more 
so, he tells his readers:

"Since the announcement, the U.S. government and Western mainstream 
media have engaged in an intense propaganda barrage directed at Russia, 
blaming it for massive human rights violations against the Syrian 
population and for deepening the instability of the U.S. domination of 
Syria and the region."


You get that, comrades? There is an "intense propaganda barrage directed 
at Russia", which can only be interpreted as a denial that Russia has 
been bombing Aleppo over the past few weeks in a fashion that makes the 
IDF bombing of Gaza pale by comparison. And all in the name of "fighting 

This is a comrade who was trained in the Trotskyist movement to oppose 
all forms of reaction, including the Soviet military interventions in 
Hungary, Czechoslovakia et al. Did the Canadian section of the Fourth 
International have a secret Marcyite faction that recruited Annis? Or 
did he evolve toward this anti-Marxist crypto-Stalinist orientation all 
on his own? Whatever the case, it is most unseemly.

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