[Marxism] A comment on my Sanders article

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Feb 15 13:09:25 MST 2016

 From Michael Hureaux:

I keep hearing about all this mass “awareness” Bernie Sanders is 
allegedly generating, but I have not heard any consciousness from 
anything but a tiny, tiny handful of his supporters of the kind of 
political machinery they’re up against. It seems to me that if their 
“movement” were anywhere near as hot as they think it is they’d be a lot 
less butt hurt around the jackassry of the democratic national committee 
and its favored candidate. They get caught flat footed by the basic 
viciousness of the Clinton machine every time, and it’s not exactly like 
we’ve never seen a backwoods nasty politician at the national level. 
That is what the national parties do, after all. I am so tired of their 
shock and dismay at this mess that I’ve recently stopped discussing the 
Sanders candidacy one way or another with anyone on facebook. It’s 
exhausting, I heard the same arguments about Obama, about Kucinich etc. 
The democratic party, in the meantime, has grown far more consultant 
driven, far more insular, far more stacked with precinct committee 
people who do nothing but parrot the wealthier sections of the 
leadership. It has done nothing of any promise, really, since the 
rebellion within its ranks driven by personalities like Chisholm and 
McGovern almost 45 years ago. The Rainbow Coalition was a best a faint, 
faint echo of that energy, and from what I’ve seen so far, the Sanders 
forces aren’t even that. I have yet to have a single Bernie volunteer 
knock on my door. I do not believe they have either the depth or the 
breadth they claim for themselves, even as democratic party activists.

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