[Marxism] Michael Roberts

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 20:22:34 MST 2016

I agree with Gary McL about Roberts' use of empirical detail.  Everything
he does is well backed up by data.

But I also think his great strength is his use of LTRPF theory.

There are several problems with under-consumptionism.  To an extent it is
always present, which is why Marx rejected it as the key to crisis (in vol
2).  At most, it can only cause some capitalists to go under, while other
capitalists thrive.  It can't explain why the system as a whole goes into

That is one of Roberts' great strengths.

I thoroughly recommend this talk by him at the British SWP annual
educational conference the year before last:
Also good, because it includes the audience discussion.
Mike is very non-sectarian - he must be one of very few people who speaks
at both the SWP and the CPGB summer educational conferences.

Here's a great piece by my friend Tony Norfield on the rate of profit,
finance and imperialism:

Tony, who worked in banking for several decades, recently, as a mature
student, completed a PhD on the economics of british imperialism, which is
being published as a book some time this year.


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