[Marxism] Fwd: Historical Sociology and World History: Uneven and Combined Development over the Longue Durée

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Comrades should take a look at this one; although I only know about a third
of the authors, they're serious Marxists. And perhaps the others are as
well. Even if not it's valuable reference material.

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> Edited by Alexander Anievas and Kamran Matin
> This book is the first to offer a full exploration of the theory of uneven
> and combined development
> Uneven and combined development was a term that Trotsky used to understand
> and to describe the overall dynamics of human history. Shedding its Marxist
> overtones, the term has more recently emerged as a thriving new research
> program in IR, being used to unify international and social theory.This
> volume is the first to provide a collection of theoretically-informed
> empirical analyses of sociohistorical change, transformation, and
> intersocietal conflict over the longue durée. It draws from a variety of
> non-Eurocentric perspectives to show how the theory of uneven and combined
> development might offer a solution to long-standing problems around the
> inability of both IR and historical sociology to satisfactorily capture the
> differentiated and multilinear character of sociohistorical development.
> The chapters critically and creatively draw upon and further develop the
> concept of ‘uneven and combined development’ to incorporate both
> sociological and geopolitical modes of historical explanation into a
> single, unified theoretical framework. The book develops and refines the
> theory of uneven and combined development, with critical reflections on its
> development given by esteemed scholars in the fields of IR and historical
> sociology.
> http://www.rowmaninternational.com/books/historical-sociology-and-world-history
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