[Marxism] Bloody Counterrevolution in Aleppo: on Russian Blitzkrieg and US “betrayal”

Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 06:11:39 MST 2016

Bloody Counterrevolution in Aleppo: on Russian Blitzkrieg and US 


Today we are watching bloody counterrevolution, imperialist barbarism, 
in its most naked form, most visibly in the combined Blitzkrieg against 
the people of Aleppo and its northern countryside being carried out by 
the invading Russian air force, the fascistic regime of Bashar Assad 
with his barrel bombs, the invading Iranian Revolutionary Guards and 
their imports including Iraqi Shiite-sectarian death squads, Hezbollah 
and various manipulated, impoverished Shia troops from Afghanistan and 
Pakistan, with ISIS to some extent, and the US-backed Kurdish YPG on a 
huge scale, opportunistically joining in from either side like vultures.

Meanwhile, much the same continues in the south, with people still 
starving to death, even as world attention has gone away, in the various 
towns surrounding Damascus that are being carpet-bombed  by Assad and 
Russia, besieged and starved by Assad and Hezbollah. This scene from 
some apocalypse 
is actually between Moadamiyeh and Daraya; this picture of Hiroshima is 
actually what the regime has done to to the once beautiful city of Homs: 
Further south, regime and Russian bombing continues day and night 
against the mighty, and starkly moderate, Southern Front of the FSA, 
which has had its already miserable level of “support” cut off by Jordan 
and the US; 150,000 people have been uprooted in the latest offensives.

Returning to Aleppo, the bombing has reached extraordinary levels 
“The bombs are falling so fast in Aleppo now that often rescuers don’t 
have time to reach victims between blasts. If the deadly explosions that 
struck on just one day last week had been evenly spaced, they would have 
struck every other minute around the clock.
“Sometimes there are so many airstrikes, we are just waiting and waiting 
at our headquarters, and the jets don’t leave the skies,” says 
Abdulrahman Alhassan, a 29-year-old former bank engineer from the city 
who coordinates “white helmet” rescue teams in the city.
“When at last we can’t see any more, we have to rush to all the sites to 
rescue people and evacuate them at once,” he said. On Friday, the group 
counted 900 airstrikes by government forces and their Russian backers, 
apparently throwing every weapon they have at the already devastated 

That is, 900 airstrikes on the city in one day.

As is widely reported, the targets include countless hospitals, schools, 
markets, bakeries, mosques and so on. This video shows the results of 
the deliberate Russian bombing of the children’s and maternity hospital 
in Azaz: 
on the same day in mid-February that three other hospitals and two 
schools were bombed 


It is high time, in my opinion, to call a spade a spade. This has 
nothing to do with the fact that there has been no “US intervention,” 
still less a call for it. In fact, those constantly warning against “US 
intervention” wilfully ignore that the US has been bombing Syria for 
some 17 months, just that it bombs Anyone But Assad (see my article on 
who the US bombs: . 

At this point, it doesn't even have that much to do with the many years 
of very active US intervention against the revolution, to ensure that no 
Syrian rebels, not even the most "moderate", could get their hands on 
any anti-aircraft weapons, the major defensive need of the rebels since 
mid-2012 when massive airpower became the main form of regime 
aggression; with the fact that sympathetic regional states were blocked 
from sending them, and that the FSA was even blocked when it tried to 
get them from the black market. No, this is all well-established; as one 
tweet put it concisely, “the only consistent, thorough, well-implemented 
US Syrian policy is tracking hunting and stopping MANPADS from reaching 
any opposition group since 2012” 
(https://twitter.com/THE_47th/status/659114328012931072); and the 
criminality of denying such weapons as the rebels face such apocalyptic 
bombing right now is for all to see. But it is even more than that.

So let's call the spade by its name: the US is opposed to, and has 
always been opposed to, the Syrian revolution. Period. Things have 
worked out this way not because the US was "weak," or "incoherent," or 
endlessly (for 5 years) makes "mistakes," or "bungled it," or 
unwittingly "handed over victory" to someone opposed to US interests 
etc; no, things turned out this way, have been this way for five years, 
because it is US policy.


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