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Nick Fredman nick.j.fredman at gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 15:18:57 MST 2016

Yeah right. This report doesn't reveal anything but makes a claim that's
been made before, and rejected before by the PYD. It's directly from the
Turkish state's Ministry of Truth via it's TV arm, as part of its PR aimed
whitewashing in front of its western senior partners of its current
anti-Kurd and anti-left pogrom at home and closely related meddling in
Syria. The Turkish state has a direct interest in vilifying the Kurdish
movement and has been doing so in spades for years, as sectarian,
pro-Assad, "ethnic cleaning" etc.

The PYD bombed a government check-point a couple of weeks ago, so it did
happen to be true maybe Ja'afari will want his money back.

This is the same guy who recently showed what BFFs Assad and the PYD have
become by bluntly stating:

The representative of the Syrian regime at peace talks in Geneva told Rudaw
that Damascus would show zero tolerance for any claim of federation or
autonomy by the country’s Kurdish minority.

Bashar Jaafari, Syria’s UN envoy and its top man at the Geneva peace talks,
ruled out the idea of federalism as an option for governing post-war Syria.

“Take the idea of separating Syrian land out of your mind,” he said, adding
that “anyone thinking of departing Syria” should be cured of the illusion.


In the current messy and confused situation I don't know if the PYG is
using the best tactics currently to carry out its mandate of "securing
Rojava in a democratic Syria", and I wouldn't exclude major errors, like
other liberation movements under massive pressure. I do know the PYD and
allies have the only thing like a consistent radical democratic program and
practice in Syria, and the PKK-led current is the only thing in the region
like a leftist radical-democratic force with a mass base, i.e. hegemonic
among millions of people. That warrants some solidarity and should mean
some care being taken in criticisms rather than blithe denunciations from
armchair guerilla commanders.

There's too much cherry-picking of convenient report and facts and ignoring
or disbelieving of the inconvenient from Syria, from different sides I'm
sure but definitely from those who are rusted on to a narrative of a united
and unproblematically progressive opposition to the Assad dictatorship. A
unified opposition - which needs to include support for Kurdish
self-determination  - has been wrecked, perhaps sadly irretrievably, by the
meddling of the venal regimes in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states
as well as the imperialist powers.

On Thu, Feb 18, 2016 at 1:05 AM, Louis Proyect via Marxism <
marxism at lists.csbs.utah.edu> wrote:

> The Syrian ambassador to the UN indicated that PYD-allied forces in the
> country have been supported not only by the US but also by Bashar al
> Assad's regime.
> "These Syrian Kurds [PYD-allied groups] supported by the American
> administration are also supported by the Syrian government, just for your
> kind information", the ambassador Bashar Ja'afari told reporters on Tuesday
> following a closed-door UN Security Council meeting on Turkey's recent
> shelling of PYD targets in northern Syria.
> full:
> http://www.trtworld.com/mea/assads-un-envoy-reveals-regime-support-for-pyd-49189
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