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Yep, and in "Birth Of A Nation" the new movie based on Nat Turner -
recently purchased for 17 million at Sundance - only men are killed by
Turner's group, no women and children.

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> (I had a feeling that this film would be a dud since the trailer seemed to
> play up Miles Davis as violent, almost like a gangsta rapper but this is
> even worse.)
> That was six decades ago, during the height of the Cold War. Earlier this
> week, Oscar-nominated actor Don Cheadle described his decade-long struggle
> to make a biopic about jazz legend Miles Davis. He raised about $360,000
> via crowdfunding, but only cleared the final financing hurdle when he wrote
> in a fictional Rolling Stone reporter and cast Ewan (“young Obi-Wan”)
> McGregor in the role. Interviewed at the Berlin Film Fest, where “Miles
> Ahead” was screening out of competition, Cheadle said that casting a white
> actor in a leading role was “one of the realities of the business that we
> are in,” adding that “there is a lot of apocryphal, not proven evidence
> that black films don’t sell overseas.”
> full:
> http://www.salon.com/2016/02/19/a_white_buddy_for_miles_davis_don_cheadles_struggle_to_get_miles_ahead_financed_is_absurd_and_not_surprising/
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