[Marxism] The Asha saga

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 20 03:22:13 MST 2016

Listers may know about the little refugee child , Asha, who is holed up in
the hospital here in Brisbane - the Lady Cilento Hospital.  The doctors
refuse to release her to be returned to the refugee detention centre.  She
had burned herself in  an accident.  John has posted about this earlier.
The Waterside Union -the MUA, led by a great socialist Bob Carnegie, has
thrown its support behind the crowd who have gathered around the hospital
in support of the doctors and Asha. ,

Tonight it seems the authorities intend making an attempt to seize the
child.  A crowd of over a thousand, very big for Brisbane, has been
marshaled via the social media and the police seem stymied at the moment.

I will try and get time to write a more reflective piece about all this.
For the moment I will just say that I think there has been a significant
shift in public opinion around the refugees. The fate of Asha seems to have
struck the inner humanity of Australians and they do not want her sent back
to prison.

As I write this over my phone I can hear the crowd singing Amazing Grace in
an effort to access their ground state of love and solidarity, as Bhaskar
would have put it,  in the face of the power of the State. To listen to the
singing is a deeply moving and humbling experience.

Perhaps we might make it as a species....Perhaps



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