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Andrew Stewart wrote: 
> My latest piece on the history of the Old Left and African Americans.
> http://www.rifuture.org/have-a-radical-black-history-month-communism-and-black-liberation.html
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> Andrew Stewart 

It's unfortunate that Stewart's article poses as a defense of Stalin, as he 
ended up as the butcher of nationalities in the Soviet Union. He presided 
over the reversal of the Leninist policy towards nationalities, and his 
regime carried out the bloody mass deportation of entire small nationalities. 
These stands were based on his presiding over the dying out of the Russian 
revolution; under Stalin, the Soviet Union became the land of a new, 
oppressive state-capitalist system with a new bourgeoisie.

But Stewart's article also raises the issue of the history of the CPUSA's 
work against the oppression of the black masses. The pluses and minuses of 
the CPUSA's work against racism at the time when it was still a revolutionary 
party are important to consider. At the that time, it defended the interests 
of the black people in a way different from that of all other left trends in 
the general movement. "On the history of the CPUSA and the CI on the black 
national question in the U.S." goes into some of this history.

I list the subheads below, and the full article can be found at

On the history of
the CPUSA and the CI on
the Right to Self-Determination

(From the Workers' Advocate Supplement, vol. 1, #9, Nov. 15, 1985)


-The CPUSA Has Become a Corrupt Party Defending the Liberal Bourgeoisie
-The Neo-Revisionists and National Fetishism
-Learn from the History of the Communist Movement

On the history of the CPUSA and the CI on the black national question
 in the U.S.
(Based on a Speech at the 2nd National Conference of the MLP,USA)

-The First Years of the CPUSA
-The Emergence of the CPUSA
-The IWW -- The Industrial Workers of the World
-The Trade Union Education League
-The African Blood Brotherhood
-Backward Features of the Left Wing of the Socialist Party
-Overcoming Social-Democratic Carry-Overs
-The CP, However, Didn't Yet Grasp the Revolutionary Role of the Black 
People's Movement
-The 6th Congress of the Communist International on the Black National 
-The 1928 Resolution of the CI on the Negro Question in the U. S. 
-The Work of the CPUSA Moves Forward
-The 1928 Resolution Found Fertile Ground in the CPUSA
-Resistance to the CI's Analysis of the Black National Question
-The Debate Leading up to the 1930 CI Resolution
-The 1930 Resolution of the CI
-Apparently a Scheme for a Secessionist Revolt
-Limits on the National Fetishism in the 1930 Resolution
-Rapid Growth of the CP's Influence Among the Black Masses
-Liquidationism and the Black National Question
-National Fetishism Helps Sidetrack the Repudiation of Browderism
-Nation-Building and Anti-Assimilationism Versus Leninism
-Omitting the Question of the Revolution
-The Neo-Revisionists Champion National Fetishism
-Oppose National Fetishism While Carrying Forward the Struggle Against Racism 
and National Oppression!
[Notes -- July 2008]
-On the Workers' Advocate Supplement
-On Stalin

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