[Marxism] Fwd: Syria and the World: Reactionarism is Back, and Progressing

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Feb 20 17:34:20 MST 2016

The process of dynasty transition in Syria and the enslavement of the 
dynasty’s subjects was supported by all international powers. Not a word 
of objection or suspicion was heard from the democratic countries in the 
world, nor from the international Left. Bashar al-Assad was baptised as 
heir to his father by the Americans and the French, as is well-known, 
and by Arab states that either were already hereditary kingdoms or found 
in the Assad precedence something their ageing presidents would later 
imitate. The upheaval in Syria’s history, and what appears to be a 
high-speed reversal towards the past, a return to historical eras that 
were supposed to have ended, is not unlinked to this international 

That is to say, once again, that the archaic in our life is not 
exclusively local, or referring only to the fragility of the local new. 
It is the product of the global new, or what this new contains of the 
archaic, particularly the phenomena of clientelism, discrimination and 
evasion of justice. The Assads’ state has benefited from these phenomena 
as much as Israel, Saudi Arabia and Iran have. Anyone who owns a state 
wins, however criminal their state may be, as long as this criminality 
is directed only at the weak and not at the powerful.

The contemporary state system is indeed the pump that drives the flow of 
the antiquated.  I mean that all the inequality and injustice found in 
this world, all the violence and privilege, all the discrimination, 
plotting and conspiring that are characteristic of the regime are the 
source of what is archaic, dark and reactionary in today’s world.


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