[Marxism] From socialism to eco-socialism. (Was: Investment, investment, investment)

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Sun Feb 21 11:01:14 MST 2016

Patrick is asking who must reduce consumption.  Not those living from
pay check to pay check but everybody else, both in the rich countries
and the emerging elite in the BRICS countries.

My inspirations are Econ Prof Niko Paech in Germany, the climate
scientist Kevin Anderson in the UK, the activist/communicator George
Marshall in the UK, the scientist and government adviser John
Schellnhuber from Germany.

Niko Paech is perhaps the most consistent, he only uses bicyle, foot,
and train.  Has no cell phone, always wears the same suit.  He often
gets invited by students to German speaking Universities and speaks to
overflow crowds.  Those who understand German should listen to his talks
and interviews on YouTube, he has interesting and very radical ideas.
Dividing the global carbon budget for staying below 2 centigrades by the
number of people alive on this planet he says that our goal must be a
CO2 footprint of 2-4 tons per year per person, instead of right now
Germany having 11 tons and the US having 18 tons per year.  Although
this is a radical decrease in consumption in the rich countries,
students gobble it up, and debates how best to live with minimal carbon
footprint are usual occurrences in German TV or on German speaking
youtube.  Paech is not the only one who says we have to get down to 2-4
tons of CO2 per year.

Hans G Ehrbar

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