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I'm pretty sure I have been open and honest about the fact that Stalin was awful but that he pulled a clever ruse on a large number of foreign Leftists for a few decades. I don't know how one could read my statements as anything but that and I frankly don't have any patience for this type of liberalism masked by revolutionary verbiage. It is worth noting that, although Malcolm X said the CP was being divisive, his ideas and thinking were based in Frantz Fanon, who in turn was informed by Marxism-Leninism. The contradiction between what was said of and by Stalin and his actions in Russia in reality is a tragedy of epic proportions. You obviously don't care about that.

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Andrew Stewart 

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> Andrew Stewart wrote: 
>> My latest piece on the history of the Old Left and African Americans.
>> http://www.rifuture.org/have-a-radical-black-history-month-communism-and-black-liberation.html
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>> Andrew Stewart
> It's unfortunate that Stewart's article poses as a defense of Stalin, as he 
> ended up as the butcher of nationalities in the Soviet Union. He presided 
> over the reversal of the Leninist policy towards nationalities, and his 
> regime carried out the bloody mass deportation of entire small nationalities. 
> These stands were based on his presiding over the dying out of the Russian 
> revolution; under Stalin, the Soviet Union became the land of a new, 
> oppressive state-capitalist system with a new bourgeoisie.
> But Stewart's article also raises the issue of the history of the CPUSA's 
> work against the oppression of the black masses. The pluses and minuses of 
> the CPUSA's work against racism at the time when it was still a revolutionary 
> party are important to consider. At the that time, it defended the interests 
> of the black people in a way different from that of all other left trends in 
> the general movement. "On the history of the CPUSA and the CI on the black 
> national question in the U.S." goes into some of this history.
> I list the subheads below, and the full article can be found at
> http://www.communistvoice.org/WAS8511CPUSA-BNQ.html
> On the history of
> the CPUSA and the CI on
> the Right to Self-Determination
> (From the Workers' Advocate Supplement, vol. 1, #9, Nov. 15, 1985)
> Subheads:
> Introduction:
> -The CPUSA Has Become a Corrupt Party Defending the Liberal Bourgeoisie
> -The Neo-Revisionists and National Fetishism
> -Learn from the History of the Communist Movement
> On the history of the CPUSA and the CI on the black national question
> in the U.S.
> (Based on a Speech at the 2nd National Conference of the MLP,USA)
> -The First Years of the CPUSA
> -The Emergence of the CPUSA
> -The IWW -- The Industrial Workers of the World
> -The Trade Union Education League
> -The African Blood Brotherhood
> -Backward Features of the Left Wing of the Socialist Party
> -Overcoming Social-Democratic Carry-Overs
> -The CP, However, Didn't Yet Grasp the Revolutionary Role of the Black 
> People's Movement
> -The 6th Congress of the Communist International on the Black National 
> Question
> -The 1928 Resolution of the CI on the Negro Question in the U. S. 
> -The Work of the CPUSA Moves Forward
> -The 1928 Resolution Found Fertile Ground in the CPUSA
> -Resistance to the CI's Analysis of the Black National Question
> -The Debate Leading up to the 1930 CI Resolution
> -The 1930 Resolution of the CI
> -Apparently a Scheme for a Secessionist Revolt
> -Limits on the National Fetishism in the 1930 Resolution
> -Rapid Growth of the CP's Influence Among the Black Masses
> -Liquidationism and the Black National Question
> -National Fetishism Helps Sidetrack the Repudiation of Browderism
> -Nation-Building and Anti-Assimilationism Versus Leninism
> -Omitting the Question of the Revolution
> -The Neo-Revisionists Champion National Fetishism
> -Oppose National Fetishism While Carrying Forward the Struggle Against Racism 
> and National Oppression!
> [Notes -- July 2008]
> -On the Workers' Advocate Supplement
> -On Stalin

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