[Marxism] Could Labor really win the 2016 Australian election?

John Passant en.passant at bigpond.com
Mon Feb 22 03:23:33 MST 2016

Could Labor really win the 2016 Australian election?

The desire for a better world is engraved on the hearts of workers and 
that longing gives hope to Labor. They will dissipate that desire for a 
change away from business as usual politics if they don't make their 
arguments in class terms. Bill Shorten is not Bernie Sanders, but he is 
also not Malcolm Turnbull ether.

Turnbull can smile and pontificate all he wants. Ordinary workers want 
to see government action that improves their lives and that of their 
kids. The dilemma for Turnbull is that if he does that he has no room 
for cutting taxes on business. His shine is wearing off as the class 
nature of his government becomes clearer to us all.


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