[Marxism] From socialism to eco-socialism. (Was: Investment, investment, investment)

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All these issues are taken up in Climate & Capitalism frequently:


But I'd add a few comments:

(1) One of the complications of the 'nationalisation' demand is that power
industries  targeted are not ensconced in an expanding market as there is a
profit damaging shift to renewables. In effect you'd take over zombie
capital. We do need renewables but the key reclamation is the grid and not
the power stations. And even there, there is a community shift to localised
energy production that is outside the national grid. So 'nationalisation'
kinda doesn't say it all.It obscures the reality.
(2) '*Green illusions: The dirty secrets of clean energy and the future of
environmentalism', *by Ozzie Zehner tackles the consumption issue with some
good research.
(3) The challenge with green politics is engineering demands that will
mobilize millions --that register in consciousness and suggest activity.
And that's a hard ask. In part that's why  the scam carbon tax or market
registers because it seems concrete.
(4) While we want a huge investment in renewables and public transport we
want that from the state.  We also need retrofitting of housing for
sustainability....etc But unless we can sponsor the jobs growth in  new
climate/sustainability industries you won't win the 'reduce consumption'
argument without the job security in place.
(5) That said: I think there is another focus that socialist tend to
neglect -- and this is being debated in GLW at the moment. We neglect
agriculture. The Socalist Alliance has  a very good ag policy platform:
But i reckon  another demand we can bandy about is to raise the national soil
organic matter (SOM)  by a clear percentile. France has just adopted a 0.4%
target per year
Indeed if there is any 'reform' campaign that can impact on pace of the
climate change express train it lies with fiddling with agriculture rather
than projecting immediate changes to consumption. After all you can still
produce junk with solar energy. The food and agriculture focus also opens
up a whole sway of alliances such as with outfits like La Via Campesina and
draws folks attention toward the collective -- Ist and 3rd world -- nature
of the climate challenge

dave riley

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