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No, Bolivia does not (yet) export lithium, although it has the world's
largest deposits. It is still in the pilot project stage of production, some
initial products being batteries for electrically-powered bicycles, and
batteries to go with solar power generators in remote communities. The
economic prosperity (highest growth rate in South America) is largely due to
the growth in the domestic market, spurred by higher incomes for the poorest
population, growth in government infrastructure spending, and a modest
success in industrialization efforts to date.

The governing Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) will have to generate a relief
leadership if it is to continue its general electoral success. Not
necessarily a bad development, one that I hope will encourage it to continue
to deepen what it calls its national-popular revolution toward
"communitarian socialism." However, there is also the danger that some
elements in the party will use the referendum outcome to push for a retreat
toward the right.


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 From what I can gather, it was not economic decline that led to the 
failure of a constitutional amendment that would have allowed Morales to 
run again. Bolivia continues to enjoy a commodities boom apparently, 
especially since it exports lithium--a key ingredient of high tech 

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