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Wed Feb 24 11:14:55 MST 2016

The war in Syria is becoming less and less about Syria. At the 
diplomatic level, it has turned into a sordid spectacle where foreign 
powers with conflicting and probably irreconcilable objectives—most 
notably Russia, the United States, Iran, Turkey and Saudi 
Arabia—squabble amongst themselves. In Europe, it has turned into a 
debate about immigration and the tightening of border controls. To the 
extent that the Syrian people do not figure at all, the goal is no 
longer a just peace but pacification.

Cutting through this fog of geopolitics, a new book by Robin 
Yassin-Kassab and Leila Al Shami re-focuses the conflict with the people 
at its center—the people who rose up against a regime which, as the 
authors say, was “fascist in the most correct sense of the word.” 
Burning Country: Syrians in Revolution and War tells a story of heroism 
on the home front, of mainly unarmed civilians struggling to organize, 
resist and survive.

full: http://newsweekme.com/book-review-extremist-eclipse/

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