[Marxism] Stand With JNU! Stand with Dalit students!| Saturday 2/27 W. Sq. Pk. 12PM

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Fri Feb 26 11:56:59 MST 2016


NYU X Cooper Union

In recent weeks, Jawaharlal Nehru University students saw their student
body president arrested for speaking against the Indian government. How can
the world's largest democracy allow such a breach in civil rights?


A conversation and sit in on JNU

Saturday 2/27
Washington Sq. Park
at 12PM

Stand with Dalit-led student uprisings in India

Union Sq.

RSVP on FB here: https://www.facebook.com/events/689929061149464/
*Co-organized by: *South Asia Solidarity Initiative (SASI)

Join us as we mourn and condem the institutional murder of Rohith Vemula--
a talented, sensitive, and powerful young Ambedkarite and scientist and
stand with the ongoing resistance of the Ambedkarite student community at
University of Hyderabad (UoH) and across India.

We condemn the open support by UoH administration of extreme right wing
student groups like the RSS affiliated ABVP. RSS and affiliated groups have
been carrying out a campaign of terror to intimidate progressive forces in
society especially by using RSS - BJP political networks to protect their
cadre and persecute any democratic opposition. The death of Rohit is a
direct consequence of right wing persecution in partnership with the
casteist and corrupt university administration.

Let us join together and express our solidarity with the Bahujan and
Religious Minorities student resistance movements across all other casteist
university spaces in India.

*"Rohith,.. We will become the explosive stardust that you speak of, the
stardust that will singe this oppressive system of caste. Within every
university, every college, every school in this country, each of our
slogans will carry the spirit of your struggle. Dr. Ambedkar spoke of caste
as the monster that crosses ones path every way one turns..**. Let every
despicable casteist force wince when they encounter a Dalit, a Shudra, an
Adivasi, a Bahujan, a woman staking claim within academia, let them realise
that we have come here to end a system that has kept trying hard to put an
end to us, that we have come here to cause nightmares to those who dared to
snatch our dreams. .. Let them understand that we have stormed these
bastions to educate, to agitate, to organise; we did not come here to die.
We have come to learn, but let the monsters of caste and their henchmen
bear in mind that we have come here also to teach them an unforgettable
lesson."**-* Meena Kandasamy


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