[Marxism] Constitutionalism or just plain conning?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Feb 26 19:11:17 MST 2016

WASHINGTON — Antonin Scalia was the longest-tenured justice on the 
current Supreme Court and the country’s most prominent 
constitutionalist. But another quality also set him apart: Among the 
court’s members, he was the most frequent traveler, to spots around the 
globe, on trips paid for by private sponsors.

When Justice Scalia died two weeks ago, he was staying, again for free, 
at a West Texas hunting lodge owned by a businessman whose company had 
recently had a matter before the Supreme Court.

Though that trip has brought new attention to the justice’s penchant for 
travel, it was in addition to the 258 subsidized trips that he took from 
2004 to 2014. Justice Scalia went on at least 23 privately funded trips 
in 2014 alone to places like Hawaii, Ireland and Switzerland, giving 
speeches, participating in moot court events or teaching classes. A few 
weeks before his death, he was in Singapore and Hong Kong.


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