[Marxism] Fwd: Sanders’ Socialism: Neutering a Radical Tradition

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Feb 29 06:09:47 MST 2016

The discussion of the Sanders campaign in “mainstream” media discourse 
is heavily propagandistic, completely failing to provide audiences with 
an accurate understanding of the difference between socialism and social 
democracy, the latter of which Sanders actually embraces, despite his 
rhetorical support for the former. A Lexis Nexis search for the first 
two months of 2016 (January 1 through February 25) finds that the 
“liberal” New York Times ran 73 stories, or more than 36 a month, 
discussing the Sanders campaign alongside references to “socialist” 
politics or to “socialism.” In contrast, the paper printed just two 
stories discussing Sanders and referencing a “social democrat” approach 
or discussing “social democracy.” During the same period, MSNBC ran 45 
stories associating Sanders with socialism, and just three stories 
associating him with social democracy. At Fox News, 130 stories were run 
discussing Sanders and socialism, with just one story referencing social 
democracy. In that single story, Fox conservative commentator Charles 
Krauthammer incorrectly referenced both Sanders and Obama as embracing 
European style social democracy, despite Obama’s consistent rejection of 
this approach. In short, the mass media are more than happy to follow 
political elites’ lead in preventing any informed, intellectual 
discussion of the difference between social democracy and socialism.


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