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The False Memory Syndrome Foundation, a Philadelphia debunking group, 
says at least 100 clergy cases involve people who claim they were 
molested or raped, blocked it out for decades and now suddenly remember. 
“The notion that the mind protects itself by banishing the most 
disturbing, terrifying events is psychiatric folklore,” declares Richard 
J. McNally , a Harvard psychology professor who has conducted a six-year 
study of abuse victims and has written a book, Remembering Trauma, to 
dispel myths of memory repression. “The more traumatic and stressful 
something is, the less likely someone is to forget it.”

Yet in MacLeish’s biggest case his three clients claim they recovered 
their memories only after the Boston Globe ran a long story on Jan. 31, 
2002, describing other people’s complaints against Shanley. He had been 
a popular “street priest” who wore jeans, grew his hair long and 
preached to street urchins and runaways. Ordained in 1960, he served in 
several parishes around Boston before moving in 1990 to California and 
working part-time as a priest in San Bernardino. He was dismissed in 
1993 after the first charges surfaced in Boston.

full: http://www.forbes.com/forbes/2003/0609/066.html

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