[Marxism] Is there a brig big enough for Briggs?

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John asked:

"Over to you Mr Turnbull. Or are you just a smarmy version of Tony Abbott?"

Now, that's what I would call a rhetorical question!



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> Is there a brig big enough for Briggs?
> Why did former Australian government Minister Jamie Briggs distribute a
> photo of the female victim to colleagues before and after this blew up? Did
> he discuss the photo with anyone? If so, what was the nature of those
> discussions?
> We know from the Royal Witch Hunt into Trade Unions that this is a
> government keen on stamping out bullies and referring all 'errant'
> behaviour to the relevant authorities. Well Mr Turnbull, here is your
> chance. Refer the photos and their leaking to the Australian Federal Police
> and Fair Work Australia for investigation.
> The AFP can see if taking the photos, distributing them to colleagues and
> leaking them to the press are crimes, and who did what in relation to the
> leaking and publication. Fair Work can protect the female victim from the
> bullying that is the leaking of the photos and their publication by finding
> and then taking punitive action against the bullies.
> Over to you Mr Turnbull. Or are you just a smarmy version of Tony Abbott?
> http://enpassant.com.au/2016/01/03/is-there-a-brig-big-enough-for-briggs/
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