[Marxism] Connolly, the Dublin Steampacket Co. dispute and the 1916 Rebellion

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 4 19:14:13 MST 2016

All too often, James Connolly’s last months tend to be seen as a period in
which he compartmentalised his tasks, dividing his time between preparing a
military uprising and, to a lesser extent, performing basic trade union
work. An extreme variation of this is that he followed the majority of his
socialist contemporaries in abandoning the class struggle at least until
the end of the World War, if not altogether, and that, in any case, he
never organised an actual, or, anyway a major strike.

None of these assumptions is true. The full facts of his wartime career
show him to have been acting as a socialist, even if, as he admitted, other
socialists would not understand.

His guiding strategy was summarised in the last paragraph of the Resolution
on War, passed in 1907 by the Socialist International’s Congress at
"In case war should break out... it is the duty of the working classes and
their parliamentary representatives to intervene in favour of its speedy
termination and with all their powers to utilise the economic and political
crisis created by the war to rouse the masses and thereby to hasten the
downfall of capitalist class rule."

This has been ignored all too often by those trying to explain Connolly’s
first World War strategy. This ignorance is helped by the fact that. . . .

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