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(Article on the Los Angeles Review of Books. While sharing the 
nomenclature of the London and NY brands, it is far more radical and 
grass roots oriented as might be indicated by the editor's background 
below. It is also distinguished by having sympathies for the Syrian 
revolution, having published Idrees Ahmad on occasion. Bookmark it if 
you know what is good for you.)

Tom Lutz is the inventor and editor in chief of LARB, and it started by 
accident. A scholar of 19th- and early-20th-century American literature, 
Lutz took an unconventional academic path. After growing up on the East 
Coast with aspirations to be a writer, he bounced around, working as a 
line cook, carpenter, factory hand, gymnastics instructor, bartender, 
and musician. He started college a couple of times, at the University of 
Dubuque and the University of Connecticut, before finishing at the 
University of Massachusetts, and then went on to graduate school at 
Stanford University. He was a professor in the English department at the 
University of Iowa for nearly 20 years — but with an unusual 
arrangement. Since the early 1990s, he had spent a good part of each 
year in Los Angeles, where his second wife worked as a journalist and 
where his children had settled. Alongside his scholarship, he also wrote 
regularly for magazines and published two trade books. In 2006 he was 
hired to chair the creative-writing department at the University of 
California at Riverside. (He very publicly resigned the chairmanship in 
2011, over budget cuts he felt were decimating the university, although 
he kept his academic appointment.)

full: http://chronicle.com/article/Empire-of-Letters/234714

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