[Marxism] Proposal for an "Other Campaign" for 2016

Jeff Rubard jeffrubard at gmail.com
Mon Jan 4 11:00:44 MST 2016

Well, 2016 is here, and the electoral "prospects" are mostly bad. Jill
Stein isn't going to win. Bernie Sanders probably won't get the Demo
nomination and has some pandering issues. Hillary Clinton is Hillary
Clinton and may very well lose a general election. So "pragmatism" is not
necessarily the order of the day. My suggestion: regardless of the "choice"
they grimly accept for the ballot box, why don't radical leftists join
together to run an "Other Campaign" in the US like the Zapatista one in
Mexico a while back?

The candidates may not be real, but the issues sure are, and an election
season is a time activists can take advantage of heightened political
awareness and a feeling, however thwarted, that it's possible to change
things. It's great to reach people you already know on social media, but I
think the primary vehicle for articulating the facts about our rip-off
economy and permanent war would be professionally done leftist "clickbait":
goodness knows there's enough conservative clickbait, so why not us?
Really, tending our gardens is not going to be enough: there should be an
organized and appealing response to the Big Takeover.

Jeff Rubard

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