[Marxism] Fwd: Our Place in the World: A Journal of Ecosocialism: 2145. After Paris: To Succeed the Climate Justice Movement Must Lead

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Tue Jan 5 10:49:15 MST 2016

This morning, Lou sent the following link to the list:


I recommend you read it, it is very good.  I agree with most points made
in this essay, but Kamran Nayeri omits an important point which needs
specific mention even at his level of generality:

The unfolding climate catastrophe is so scary that people try to protect
themselves by pretending it was not real.  This is not an individual
irrationality but it is a social taboo.  It is as if people had made the
tacit agreement not to speak or think about the most important issue
humanity is facing today.  We must find ways to change our culture so
that it becomes possible to broadly discuss our dire situation and decide
what to do, not only as individuals but also as societies.  One of the
first goals in the necessary "world cultural revolution" must therefore
be to break down climate silence and denial.

Hans G Ehrbar

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