[Marxism] German socialists respond to Cologne attacks - sexism is not a foreign import

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Sat Jan 9 15:59:38 MST 2016

At 09:34 10-01-16 +1100, John Passant via Marxism wrote:
> Silke 
>Stöckle and Marion Wegscheider respond in this article for
>socialist group Marx21, translated by Kate Davison and
re-published on 
>my blog from Socialist Worker

Thank you for posting this piece which undercuts the racist campaign by
correctly putting sexual assault in perspective.

It was especially refreshing to read after having been lectured by Luke who
insists (how would he know??) that the outrage had simply been manufactured
by the media whereas nothing too unusual happened. And that the police
chief had been fired "because he did not immediately push for a sharp
racial profiling in the official police report." Look, over 100 women filed
reports of being sexually assaulted (were they lying?) in a small area
during a short time period. If the police chief left in shame because his
department totally failed to protect women in such a case, then I'd be the
last to object. 

- Jeff

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