[Marxism] Exploiting women for reactionary and race-baiting campaigns (was: Hundreds of sexual assaults in Cologne - what the hell happened – any answers from German list members?)

Kathleen McCook klmccook at gmail.com
Sun Jan 10 07:47:37 MST 2016

of course. it could not be real to most men.this has not happened to you.
you feel better dismissing it? you do not want women in the public sphere?
it happens. it happens in subways. it happens in concert crowds. it happens
anywhere some think they can get away with it and women usually just move
away and on--because we have learned --as on this list--that many men will
be dismissive.  it may be reassuring to you to think this is only a
political tactic, but it but it is a real thing that happens to women and
depresses our engagement in the world.
and this list cannot understand at all. it is always the women's
fault..either for being out in the world or finally having courage to speak
up because there were so many women in this case and then have it dismissed
once again.
Why not begin with the pain of the women's assault and violation? You make
the victims twice over by seeing this as political theater.


> on Samstag, 9. Januar 2016 at 20:17, Kathleen McCook via Marxism wrote:
> > So, you are saying this is ok? That women deserve this because some
> > cultures have deep-seated sexism? And to find it abhorrent is racist?
>   The campaign exploiting reports about the New Years Eve in Cologne is
> not  campaign to defend women, even less a campaign to widen women's
> rights. You will among the media bosses, talking heads and politicians
> pushing the campaign nobody who is not denying women the right to decide
> over her own body, especicially not over the reproductive functions of a
> woman's body. That is to stay under the patriarchal ruling class' command.
> A number of countries in Europe have even passed laws ordering  dress codes
> on women, denying women to decide themselves how much of their body to
> unveil or hide, and this coupled with racist discriminations.
>   The New Years Eve in Cologne is being used for a reactionary campaign to
> curtail democratic rights, limit the freedom of movement, facilitating
> deportations, limit the freedom of speech, and -- limiting the rights of
> women.
>   That women were victim of groping by men, being treated disrespectful,
> is just used to put the "unwashed masses of this planet" back to "their
> place where they belong", to portrait every Arab or Muslim in general as
> inferior, and the Muslim religion as inferior.
>   And please check it out -- there is no class society which is not
> patriarchal, and not religion either. Frederick Engels expressed it so
> succintly in the title of his famous book about "The origin of private
> property, the family and the state".
>   It is just that in some societies, women have managed to score some
> important victories, like in winning at least some right to decide
> themselves if they want to give birth to a child or have an abortion. And
> that right is still under attack and will remain under attack as long as
> there is a propiertied class ruling over the actual producers.
> Cheers,
> Lüko Willms
> Frankfurt/Main, Germany
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> http://www.mlwerke.de

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