[Marxism] Exploiting women for reactionary and race-bai =?utf-8?q?ting_campaigns_=28was=3A_Hundreds_of_sexual_assaults_in_Colog ne?= =?utf-8?q?_-_what_the_hell_happened_=E2=80=93_any_answers_from_German_l is?= t members?)

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Sun Jan 10 08:40:48 MST 2016

At 13:44 10-01-16 +0100, =?utf-8?Q?L=C3=BCko_Willms?= via Marxism
>on Samstag, 9. Januar 2016 at 20:17, Kathleen McCook via Marxism
>> So, you are saying this is ok? That women deserve this because
>> cultures have deep-seated sexism? And to find it abhorrent is
>  The campaign exploiting reports about the New Years Eve in
Cologne is not 
> campaign to defend women......yak yak yak

Kathleen, the rant you just posted is absolutely justified following Luko's
unwillingness to answer the simple questions you posed above. I don't think
his wholesale insensitivity applies to others (or at least not many others)
on this list. I think Amith's original negative reaction to the article
Dennis posted was justified in that the author is an Islamophobe and
inserted his agenda into what was presented as a thoughtful discussion
among the left. Dennis, I believe, only posted that article because it was
the first one he saw calling attention to the Cologne outrage (I gather it
wasn't covered much in the US media). All of that is understandable. 

But Luko's reaction is a disgrace which the rest of us should disassociate
ourselves from.

- Jeff

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