[Marxism] Cologne

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Sun Jan 10 09:55:25 MST 2016

More than once I began a message on this topic.  It may be painful, but it is necessary that we address it.

Yes, we should denounce the anti-immigrant campaign that has sprung up around this.  But that doesn't help us to determine what actually happened.  I am dis-inclined to discount the testimony of hundreds of women.  I do not think that they imagined the assaults.

I am glad to see the efforts to respond to the assaults with an alternative to the anti-immigrant campaign.  A campaign against sexist violence will be all the more effective if it can involve the immigrant communities themselves.

This is written from a distance, but all of us who are working to bring in refugees will be confronted with this debate.

					ken h

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