[Marxism] Exploiting women for reactionary and race-baiting campaigns (was: Hundreds of sexual assaults in Cologne - what the hell happened – any answers from German list members?)

Lüko Willms willms at luekowillms.de
Sun Jan 10 11:55:37 MST 2016

on Sonntag, 10. Januar 2016 at 18:18, Dennis Brasky via Marxism wrote:

> ANY man, whatever social class or ethnicity, that sexually attacks a woman,
> must be severely dealt with. I'm open to a long jail sentence - or worse!

   like a life sentence or death for touching the buttock, for example? 

  And please not, the reactionary campaign does not talk about ordinary white men molesting women, or even raping. 

  No, only "North African and Arab" men are being target. Not special rights for women are being asked, but special punishments for Muslims. 

> Ditto for those involved in lynchings/pogroms against Muslims, or any other
> oppressed nationality.

  Remember how sexual relations of Blacks with "white" women were a central tenet of the US-american racist, and probably still is, and have again and again been used as a pretext for lynching. 

  A repetition of that is going on in Germany, and spreading world wide. And you want to side with the lynch mobs? Since that is the question! 

  The Ku Kux Klan is obviously still virulent, and found an echo among some people writing on this list. 

Lüko Willms
Frankfurt/Main, Germany

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