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Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Sun Jan 10 20:29:37 MST 2016

At 18:20 10-01-16 -0800, A.R. G via Marxism wrote:
>Everyone is
conflating the issue of sexual violence against women with the
>question of
the attackers' culture, their religion, immigration, etc. 

Amazing! Amith is exactly the one who is doing that. The above statement is
an example of projection. Those of us who are concerned about the women who
were attacked (not just sexually) have not made an issue at all concerning
the characteristics of the attackers other than they were male and (in
light of their actions) criminal. Period.

And our response to the attacks on immigrants isn't dependent on any of the
facts that the right wing might claim (whether true or false); after all,
racism and anti-immigration have a long history and would be expected to
take advantage of any incident to their advantage. But if the left isn't
capable of defending women, then I'm sure Pegida would be happy to step in
our place. 

And even worse:

> It
>has gotten to the point that one poster submitted an article penned
by the
>leader of a notoriously anti-Muslim organization

Amith, if you have been reading the messages you would have learned that
Dennis' inclusion of that piece in the Daily Beast only had to do with him
calling the facts/allegations to our attention, not agreement with the
political commentary therein. That allegation and every such remark in this
email berating list members (and putting ridiculous words in our mouths) is
absolutely unjustified and perhaps reveals something about Amith's
defensive psychology in relation to these issues.

- Jeff

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