[Marxism] MRZine posts tweets attempting to spin Madaya mass starvation threat

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jan 11 06:23:32 MST 2016

As most of you who follow this dreadful website probably know, there are 
few if any serious analyses of Syria that appear there nowadays even 
through Yoshie Furuhashi is a case-hardened supporter of Bashar 
al-Assad. Instead she much prefers to retweet from like-minded people 
who generally use tags rather than their real names, which gives the 
practice a lack of transparency that obviously goes hand in hand with 
support for a near-genocidal regime.

Today there's a retweet of one "Doloroso" who posts a picture of some 
"jihadis" carrying trays of food with the caption "Have you ever seen a 
hungry Jihadi?" Was the photo taken in Madaya? Who knows? This is not 
that far from supporters of Assad taunting Madaya residents with 
pictures of food.

As I have pointed out on many occasions, support for Assad has led to 
degradation on the left. Mostly this has led to journalistic gaffes such 
as Zizek relying on a bogus website for a New Statesman article that 
they had to surgically correct.

But how does Doloroso's tweet deepen our understanding of what is 
happening in Madaya? I am afraid that Yoshie's purpose was not to do 
anything like that. Instead it was meant to obfuscate. Sick.

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