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Most of the CP people that I know in the Greater Boston area seem to be supporting Sanders. But I think they are outliers in relation to the national Party. I suspect that Charles Brown's support for HRC may be more typical of the leanings of the Party nationally.

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Apparently, Political Affairs stopped publishing. It was the theoretical
journal of the CPUSA was usually more useful than the Daily Worker or any
of their newspapers with articles by Gerald Horne and Victor Perlo over the
years. This seems to be part of the malaise addressed by Jarvis Tyner in a
speech I posted here a few days ago.


It stopped publishing as an actual journal over a decade ago. what is being
suspended is it's web site. Kaput. I think this has to do with the problems
the CPUSA is experiencing with regards to what Democrat to support: Sanders
or Clinton. They are having some major dissent going on, especially within
their NY District.


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