[Marxism] Al-Jazeera and Qatari foreign policy

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 12 15:12:54 MST 2016

I watch Al-Jazeera (English) quite a lot; it's so much better than NZ
television news and a lot of what passes for current affairs here.

However, Al-Jazeera is also closely tied to the Qatari ruling elite, not
only in terms of funding and editorial management, but in reflecting the
standpoint of the Qatari elite on various things.

This is especially true of Al-Jazeera Arabic, which pretty closely reflects
the foreign policy interests and imperatives of the Qatari elite.

My friend Karim Pourhamzavi and I have just had an article published
in the *Journal
of Media Critiques* on this subject which folks might be interested in.
You can read it here:

For anyone who missed an earlier post of mine, Karim also wrote an opinion
piece re the heightening of Iran-Saudi tensions; it first appeared late
last week in the *Otago Daily Times*, but has been getting republished in
various other places, which is excellent.


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