[Marxism] Moderation

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 12 15:19:29 MST 2016

I wasn't going to get into a flame war with Luko on the list as that is not
what this list is for.  Louis puts a great deal of work into the list and
in finding interesting material and posting it here, and deserves better.

However I received a number of offensive emails from him off-list, the
worst of which suggested that the reason we reblog stuff on Redline could
be for financial gain - he began quizzing me about ads on Redline and I
explained to him that we do not put up the ads, they are done by
wordpress.  We gain no money form the ads, we don't solicit donations
either and we don't even have a bank account.

I was especially insulted because I have been unemployed for 18 months,
living off my redundancy pay.

When I told him I found his email stuff to me offensive, he denied he had
said any such thing - although there is t was right in front of me (and
him) and demanded I apologise or he'd 'expose' me on marxmail.

He then began stalking me on the internet.

The guy is nasty, vindictive and a nutter.

Good riddance.


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