[Marxism] Moderation - clarification

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Thu Jan 14 07:41:55 MST 2016

At 09:16 14-01-16 -0500, Louis Proyect via Marxism wrote:
>In terms of Jeff's complaint that Marxmail is more restrictive than a 
>Stalinist state

In terms of Louis' misquoting the complainant for the purpose of ridicule
while avoiding any response to the subject matter, I could compare him
to.... well, any number of political writers that he frequently tears apart
for the same sin.  

But since this is an interactive list, he still has a chance to redeem
himself by responding to what was actually written:

At 12:30 14-01-16 +0100, Jeff via Marxism wrote:
>When "rules" and standards are applied at one person's whim (no matter how
>valuable that one person's role), they become meaningless. I wish there
>were a way for administrative actions, such as cutting off a discussion or
>sanctions against an individual, to be subject to the wishes of all list
>members affected, and not just one acting (at best) in what he determines
>the collective interest to be. I do not consider the current system
>acceptable nor would it be accepted by any other left discussion group or
>study group that I have ever seen outside of a Stalinist state.
>- Jeff


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