[Marxism] Uyghur Bolshevism

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jan 14 10:25:38 MST 2016

Although it was the destination for many anti-Bolshevik White refugees 
during the Civil War, Xinjiang was not simply a sanctuary for enemies of 
the Russian Revolution. Although remote from the strongholds of Russian 
social democracy, news of the events of February and October 1917 found 
a sympathetic hearing in some parts of Xinjiang. Indeed, it is a little 
known fact of Chinese history that the first demonstrations in support 
of the Russian Revolution were held not in cosmopolitan Shanghai or 
Beijing, but in Xinjiang. The first stirrings of revolutionary activity 
here were spontaneous, and confined to those corners of the province 
with a Tatar and Russian community. As early as August 1917, the Russian 
trade and production committee in Tarbaghatay complained to the Tsarist 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs that Bolshevik agitators were causing 
disturbances in the faktoria, and asked that they be expelled.

 From a PhD dissertation by David Brophy that will be published in 2016 

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