[Marxism] Interesting comment on Kefraya & Foah

Clay Claiborne clayclai at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 10:53:17 MST 2016

I found this interesting comment in my reading this morning:


If the rebels really want to market themselves to the world as being better
> than the regime
The world doesnt care about them, the rebels dont really care anymore about
what the world thinks. This who is the "better" side in the conflict was
maybe a thing in the first 2 years of the conflict, but after the Ghouta
gas attacks the rebels saw they wont get any substantial help by western
powers anyway. And their Allies like Saudi Arabia dont care if the rebels
put two one-horse shia town under siege. this whole "moderate rebels or not
dicussion" we often have on this sub is also practically useless. The cards
are on the table. The only things which matters now is who fights better...

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